Overland Corner

The Overland Corner wetland complex is situated adjacent the small township of Overland Corner, right next to the historic Overland Corner Hotel.

This 300 ha reserve consists of a number of temporary wetlands, not connected to the river at pool level. The northern end of the complex is under the control of National Trust of SA, whereas the southern end belongs to the First Peoples of the River Murray. The day to day running of the reserve is overseen by an active group of volunteers, assisted by BBL and departmental staff.

The reserve is open to the public all year around, and there are free designated camp sites (no need to book) along the river flanked by majestic River Red Gums. There are 3 walking trails set out, with a brochure available on site. The walks go past natural, historical and Aboriginal points of interest like a canoe tree and an ochre mine. Fishing, boating and birdwatching are other popular activities at Overland Corner.

BBL, assisted by departmental staff and the Overland Corner volunteers, monitors ground water, surface water and photo points at the reserve 4x a year, usually on the first Saturday of March, June, September and December. Anyone is welcome but please contact the BBL first. It is a great way to see the reserve, get some fresh air and meet people.