Loveday Wetland Complex

The Loveday Wetland Complex is found near the townships of Cobdogla and Loveday. It is split up in 2 areas, the publicly accessible Loveday Basin to the west, and the remainder that is known as Loveday Wetlands or sometimes as Mussel Lagoons which is only accessible by becoming a member of the Barmera Moorook Branch of the Field and Game Association (BMF&G).

The BMF&G took over the lease in 1983 and has been supported by the BBL since 1997, and many improvements to the ecology have been made. Nine flow/carp structures have been installed in the 1400 ha reserve to implement wetting and drying cycles. Loveday Wetlands is ecologically highly diverse and home to the endangered River Snail.

BBL, assisted by departmental staff and the Loveday Wetlands volunteers, monitors ground water, surface water and photo points at the reserve 4x a year.